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Slovenia Vs. USA, Ireland Vs. Estonia, And More

Whoopsie, I was busy yelling at ESPN for their ability to talk up Michael Bradley at Chievo Verona and forgot to put up a post. So talk on -- how will Tim Howard do against Samir Handanovic? How long has it taken Kirsten to learn to spell the Slovenian goalkeeper's name? Will the fog affect the play between the USA and Slovenia?

Oh, and Ireland plays Estonia today. Considering they thumped a nine-man Estonia team in Tallinn, there's not a lot of hype surrounding that match. It's almost certain that Ireland will head off to Poland / Ukraine next summer for Euro 2012. It's also almost a given that Croatia, playing their second leg against Turkey, will move on to the tournament. The only real question is between Portugal and Bosnia -- who do you think will move on?

Finally, there's CONMEBOL qualifying later this afternoon, as well as an epic matchup between Luis Suarez and Mario Balotelli in Italy vs Uruguay. I hope fireworks are involved.