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Aston Villa Injury Update: Down With The Hamstrings

I hope he's saying a prayer for all of Villa.
I hope he's saying a prayer for all of Villa.

Oh, Aston Villa and their injury woes. First, it was Gabby Agbonlahor that needed to pull out of the England squad with hamstring trouble. We cried, we moaned, we gnashed our teeth. Agbonlahor's first call up in two years, and of course his hammie goes. He was scheduled for a scan on Friday, but we don't have any new information on whether Gabby will be fit for the match against Tottenham Hotspur next Monday. More news after we get it, or, more likely, after one of us wakes up.

Now, it's Nathan Delfouneso that's picked up a hamstring injury (aside: what the hell has Alex McLeish been doing to these players? They were both away at international duty, so they didn't run the military gauntlet. Hmm). We mentioned last week that Delf was hurt against Iceland, but now it's been confirmed that it was a hamstring injury, and he won't be traveling to the England U21 Championship Qualifier in Belgium. Sigh.