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Gabriel Agbonlahor Withdraws From England Squad With Hamstring Injury

I'm seriously distraught about this.
I'm seriously distraught about this.

SOB. I'm just in from a night of carousing, only to learn that Gabby Agbonlahor has withdrawn from England's friendly against Spain with a hamstring injury. This is horribly depressing news, as it's the first time in ages that Gabby has actually been called up for England -- and a most deserved call up as well, I might add -- and now, once again, his damn hamstring is acting up.

Agbonlahor was assessed by the England national team's medical squad, which I'm sure are totally up to date and current on all forms of injury, and it was decided that he couldn't train with the Three Lions today, so they shipped him back to Aston Villa. In all honesty, I'm shocked he wasn't hurt during one of the Villa's military training sessions. Are we really so sure that having him back at Bodymoor Heath is the best place for our star player?