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7500 to Holte Wants To See YOU On The Aston Villa Official Site

In between watching Macedonia's national team emulate Stiliyan Petrov by taking countless shots from 30 yards out, I stopped by the official Aston Villa site and had a look at the latest image gallery: Villa around the world. Pretty self-explanatory, really: supporters wearing their claret and blue kits in front of a bunch of iconic locations, including the Sydney Opera House and the Great Wall of China.

Then Brian mentioned on Twitter that he should go down and get a photo taken in front of the Las Vegas strip and send it to the club. And it got me thinking -- this blog, being on an American site, is read by plenty of, well, Americans. Americans that live in places like Washington DC and Chicago and Seattle, places with awesome landmarks that would look even better next to a Villa shirt.

So your challenge, boys and girls: get those photos on the official site. Or if they seem unlikely to do another version of Villans around the world, email them directly to us ( and we'll give you your own little post! It'll be fun! And possibly scary!