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Andy Marshall Brings The News: Aston Villa News And Nonsense For October 6

Whoa, having this Aston Villa news correspondent gig is certainly more work than I'm used to. But hey, I still need a few more pounds to be able to afford the sort of car fleet that Habib Beye boasts about, so I'll keep on bringing you the hottest gossip. Speaking of Beye, according to Stephen Warnock, Kevin MacDonald is the reason that dude is still hanging around. Good thing, too, or I'd be the person playing the least amount of football around these parts. Stephie also had some kind words to say about Gerard Houllier, who (whom?) he had a deep and respectful relationship with.

While sitting around playing Fifa yet again today, I listened to a couple podcasts. Turns out these crazies on 7500 to Holte actually talked about me. For like five minutes. Can't buy that sort of publicity. Then Kirsten went on another podcast and she didn't say a damn thing about Villa's third keeper.

The big news around the club today was the publicity shot featuring the lads in their smart new Harvey Nicks suits. Yep, everyone got a lovely new kit except for me. And possibly Beye. Haven't seen that guy for a few weeks though. I'm not too worried about the lack of a suit, however -- clearly those weren't specially tailored to fit the boys in claret and blue, so I'm sure I'll be able to snatch Stiliyan Petrov's while he's on the pitch.