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Andy Marshall Brings the News: Gabby Could be Ronaldo, Carlos is back

When I'm not busy sitting on the bench, my other love is architecture.
When I'm not busy sitting on the bench, my other love is architecture.

Since he's got nothing better to do, Andy Marshall has decided to start writing the morning news links for 7500 to Holte. He hopes you enjoy!

You know what one of the best parts of being a world- England- West-Midlands- Birmingham-class player is? Getting to watch some incredibly good football. Every day, I am afforded the opportunity to sit around Bodymoor Heath and play Fifa while all the other Villans are out training. It's amazing! And one of my favorite players to use is our very own Gabriel Agbonlahor. He's fast as... well, you know. So the other day, as I'm playing, Stiliyan Petrov comes in and starts telling me that he thinks Gabs is the next Ronaldo. Alright, cappy wasn't talking to me, he was talking to the press, but a man's gotta pretend to have some interaction with the world.

Well, that's not entirely true. I never have to pretend to talk to Villa's friendliest player. It made me pretty darn happy to see Carlos Cuellar back on the pitch for the reserves 1-0 victory over Chelsea. I like what this guy has written, and I sure hope we keep Carlos around. It's so nice to be talked to once in a while. Even if it is in Spanish.

It may not seem like it, since I never see the pitch, but I still do love football. So I'm pretty happy to hear that I'll get to watch my employer's team play from the pub every weekend. Legal things are tough, but this made it crystal clear for me. Easy as sitting on the bench.

Finally, I want to let you guys know that you ought to take this survey. If we can get enough people to do it, SBN will give some money to Acorns. Do it for the children, as they're the best. Don't do it for me, though. Why would you ever do it for me?