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Take The SB Nation Survey And Help Us Donate To Acorns

Hey guys! SB Nation is giving you a chance to give feedback on 7500 to Holte (and the other blogs you use around the network). It only takes a few minutes, and we could really use your opinions. Plus, it helps to get some feedback from the soccer/football community, as our sport is so different, and we often use websites that most other, American-based sports don't. It's good for SBN to hear about those sites as well.

Anyway, the 3 SBN sites with highest percentage of completed surveys get to donate $500 to the charity of their choice. I'd love to see ACORNS get that money, wouldn't you? I know most of you belong to other sites around the network, but go ahead and fill in 7500 as the site that referred you! We'll love you even more than we already do.

Here's yo' link.

Now off with you.


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