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Andy Marshall Brings The News: October 4 Aston Villa Links And Stories

This photo is creepy.
This photo is creepy.

7500 to Holte recorded its first podcast last night, and in the process, learned more about Aston Villa super-reserve goalkeeper Andy Marshall than we ever thought we'd need to know. Considering the man's never played for Villa in a competitive match, and often simply sits on the bench during reserves matches, I figured he needed some sort of additional job to help him achieve red Ferrari levels of income. So he's going to write the news roundups from now on (until I get tired of pretending to be Andy Marshall). Here we go...

Well, I had nothing to do yesterday. Turns out there was a reserves match against Chelsea, which Aston Villa won 1-0 thanks to a Callum Robinson goal, but no one called to remind me to turn up at Hinckley. Instead, I spent the evening watching EastEnders and texting Brad Guzan. Where is that guy, anyway? He wants me to think he's in America on national team duty but I'm pretty sure he's lying.

While playing around on Twitter (no, I'm not giving you freaks my Twitter name), I kept noticing a link pop up from @thefootyblognet. He's a persistent one. He'd written a story about Barry Bannan, which turned out to be pretty damn good. There's no denying Bazza is smart -- but not smart enough to earn his check for doing absolutely nothing.

Finally, I hear James Collins is thinking of retiring from international football. Good for him! I mean, I like warming the bench as much as the next guy, but traveling to all kinds of weird places just to sit back and watch Wales? That'd be cutting into his pub time, that's for sure.