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Jenas to Miss More Time, Petrov on Gabby, and more - AVFC Roundup

Me? Why would I get playing time? I'm never healthy!
Me? Why would I get playing time? I'm never healthy!

Not a lot today, but a few interesting tidbits. The first one, especially, came as a bit of a surprise to me.

  • Buried deep at the bottom of the Official Site's game-story is news that Tottenham loanee Jermaine Jenas will be out for at least a month with an achilles problem. Now, Jenas is not vital to this team, and he's only been in one match. Nevertheless, I am starting to wonder who is footing the medical bill for him. Did Tottenham send us a lemon so we could clean him up? Regardless, I imagine this means even more chances at regular playing time for Barry Bannan.
  • Stiliyan Petrov is the latest person to publicly jump on the "Gabriel Agbonlahor is the best thing since sliced bread" bandwagon (tickets now free! Climb aboard!). The man who would be the Bulgarian all-time leader in caps thinks that Gabby should be getting a few more for England soon. The good news is that it seems if he can get his back problems under control it shouldn't be long until Villa has two forwards on the Three Lions roster. And should he be afforded the opportunity, Gabby says he'll be ready.
  • As an aside, can you envision a high-flying Aston Villa duo helping to lead the England attack? The two Lions of the Three Lions. Be still my heart.
  • Finally, if you're around, Mat Kendrick will be hosting a Q&A at noon BST today. It's always interesting to hear what Mat's got to say, so swing on over.