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Friday Feedback: Return to Hope - How can I be optimistic again?


There really isn't much news today I suppose you can read about Alex McLeish cracking the whip on the team, but I didn't think that merited interrupting Andy Marshall's daily FIFA regimen. Instead, I thought I'd tackle another Friday Feedback. This time though, no one gave me the question. It was one that I've been asking myself for the past two days. What would it take for me to be optimistic about Aston Villa again?

In case you missed it earlier in the week, I declared that I was done being the token "glass-is-half-view" guy on the site. Mind you, I wasn't in that role as some sort of a foil. I'm just a naturally optimistic guy when it comes to sports. I call my best friend every year at the beginning of the college basketball season and tell him that we've got to start planning for the Final Four and how we're going to get tickets to see our alma mater play.

I should mention that our alma mater is The George Washington University. You know... the fifth (or so) best team in the A-10. See? Natural optimist.

But the last few weeks have shot that to heck with Villa. I want to say that the team is going to win 1-2 tomorrow at Sunderland. But honestly? I'd guess we lose 1-0 or 2-1. Maybe Darren Bent will score a goal. Probably not. So how do I get back to being my natural self? What does Villa have to do?

Well, I'd love to see Alex McLeish settle into a new system. One that emphasizes the attack and fluid play. I'd also like to travel back in time and have a chat with Benjamin Britten. Sadly, only one of those is likely. I've heard good things about time travel lately!

Realistically, it'll probably just take a few wins. I'm mad now. I can't believe how poorly things are going. But like I said, I'm a natural sports optimist. It would be possible to get 9 or 10 points in the team's next four matches. If they do that, I'm back on board. I know that's not cool to say. Sounds like I've got no spine. But I watch sports to have fun. I want to hope. I want to go back to thinking about what extraordinary circumstances would lead to the Claret and Blue in the Champions League next year. Just give me the tiniest reason, and I will hope.

It's not a good relationship. Sports treat me like crap, and I keep coming back for more. I watch a tough loss and just tell my friends that it's ok. Sports didn't mean to hit me. It was just trying to play around and accidentally punched me too hard in the stomach. Again.

But I can't help it. I love Sports, and I want it to love me back. I keep thinking that Sports will change. It complimented my shirt the other day! That's something, right? Just give me anything to grab onto and I'll be back. Give me a win, Villa, and I'm all yours. But when we get settled, it might be wise for us to go to some counseling. I'm just saying.