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Podcast: West Brom, Bitterness, Eric Lichaj and More

Hey guys, remember me?
Hey guys, remember me?

Hey, it's episode 3 of the podcast! I wasn't there to host this time, so Kirsten admirably took over those duties. We've got to have someone with a lady-voice helming this ship at all times. More importantly, however, episode 3 marks Aaron's debut in the podcast! If you haven't heard him before, that means you've been missing out on the great work they do on Nos Audietis, the podcast of Sounder at Heart. But now Aaron's talking about Villa. Where he belongs.

And, if you know anything about Aaron, you can understand why Eric Lichaj came up in this one. Hear everyone talk about pronunciation and injuries you didn't know about! Additionally, Aaron, Kirsten, and Gareth recap the loss to West Brom and look ahead to Sunderland this weekend. Click below to get the newest, freshest 7500 to Holte Podcast, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

7500 to Holte Podcast - Ep 3