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Aston Villa - West Brom: Match Report In Tweets (Or Why Phil Dowd Is A ____)

Welcome back to everyone's favorite feature, the story of an Aston Villa match, as told by you, the fans, via the twitter. Unfortunately, the best tweets often come when the Villa has a breakdown, or is hard done by. And this loss to West Bromwich Albion certainly qualifies as both. Fill in the blank, Villans. What is Phil Dowd? Scroll down through the match recap and you'll find many answers. All tweets are after the jump due to the fact they might offend some delicate sensibilities, so if you're of that persuasion, just don't jump.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a liquid to drown in.

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PS -- the 7500 to Holte tweets were made by Robert ... I'm not just finding myself hilarious.