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Podcast: Rehashing Man City, Relegation, West Brom, and the Stupidest Person in the World

Spoiler alert: not the stupidest/dumbest man alive.
Spoiler alert: not the stupidest/dumbest man alive.

We're back! Here's episode two of The 7500 to Holte Podcast. And yes, we went with that for a name. Thanks for all of the suggestions, but as Andrew pointed out, this was a bit more straightforward.

Anyhow, you'll hear Kirsten, Andrew, Gareth, and me talking about the Man City terror, the rumors of relegation's relegation, Liverpool's TV idea, and a West Brom preview. Plus, you'll find our very first feature, Gareth's "The dumbest/stupidest person in the world." It's pretty delightful.

Let us know what you think. We'll be working on getting the thing into iTunes in the coming weeks (for those of you who love automation and hate clicking [by the way, you can right click as "save target as" to have your own non-streaming MP3 of this]). And, as always, be sure to leave any questions you have for upcoming podcasts (or in regard to this one) in the comments. Happy listening!

7500 to Holte Podcast - Ep. 2