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Podcast Questions For The Yet-Unnamed Show

Happy Monday, y'all! The 7500 to Holte podcast returns tonight with its second episode, the one in which we swear not to talk about Andy Marshall for five minutes straight. But we're all feeling a bit meh after the Manchester City match and were wondering if you've got any questions for us. What do you want to know about Aston Villa? Any opinions you have that we can dissect and mock? Thoughts on taking away relegation? Or just about those damn claret shorts?

Also, we desperately need a name. Certain elements of this team might be going for Poddymore Heath or Podcaston Villa, but I retain some rights around here, and I'm not going to endorse such poor pun usage. Get your creative juices flowing -- what should we call this thing?

Now, I'm off to experiment with CallGraph so that mine's not the only voice you hear this time.