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Andy Marshall Brings the News: Cleaning up the Rubbish from the Etihad

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I'm so depressed guys. After that loss on Saturday to Manchester City, I probably spent the next 12 hours watching My So Called Life on DVD. Something about Jordan Catalano is just comforting, you know? Anyhoo, let's get to some of the things my teammates are dealing with while I contemplate the cruel world we live in that only gave Claire Danes and crew one season of glorious television. 

The boss referred to our defending as "comedy cuts" this weekend. He seems to think that the scoreline didn't do us any favors because it was a lot closer than it looked. I didn't think our defending was funny. I'm pretty sure you could hear my weeping through the television. Just kidding, I was at the curry house checking the score on my iPhone. 

Here's a fun link talking about the best and worst of the reunion that many of the players on the field dealt with. It was a happy one for James Milner but pretty much the opposite for our number one keeper, Shay Given. This one should be appreciated by Villa Fan Kirsten as it captures Shay showing off his washboard abs. Also, Stephen Ireland was there but no one really cared. 

Finally, Aston Villa favorite Juan Pablo Angel says that Gabby Agbonlahor has all the attributes to be a superstar. I remember coming up at Norwich, they used to say similar things about me. They loved me there until I joined their biggest rival, Ipswich, and then both teams hated me. At least I have my ferret and Jordan Catalano. 

PS - My ferret is named Jordan Catalano.