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Aston Villa Transfer Rumor: No Bids For Ashley Young, From Liverpool, From Anyone

Ashley Young is not for sale, says Aston Villa, and although Liverpool have said they are interested (who isn't, really?) there have been no official bids put in for the sometimes-winger, sometimes-striker, sometimes-captain, sometimes-England player. In fact, the Villa have said that Young is a key player in their plans for the future, which is why he's going nowhere.

It's all fine and dandy to say Young is a key player, but to keep him around is going to take more than just words. He might be a Villan for the rest of the season, but he has yet to sign a new contract. Should the club fail to perform as well as he'd like, should he not see the team moving in the right direction, Young will certainly elsewhere this time next season.

But hey, we all know that. Only on transfer deadline day is no news actual news. Stay tuned for possible actual news on Michael Bradley, Stephen Ireland and Stephen Warnock.