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Charlie Adam hands in transfer request, likely headed to Liverpool

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I can't seem to find a solid link on this, but I'll take Phil McNulty's (and a plethora of other twitter-ers) word: Charlie Adam has handed in his transfer request from Blackpool today. The most likely target for the much sought-after playmaker is Liverpool, and it seems that Aston Villa have fallen by the wayside. Liverpool showed some interest in Adam recently, and that seems to have prompted the request despite Ian Holloway calling the offer from Anfield " disgraceful."

It's worth noting that Adam seemed perfectly happy to stay at Blackpool when Aston Villa came courting, but has quickly responded to the Reds offer. For a while it's seemed like we were out of the running on Adam, so this should come as no surprise to anyone. We lowballed him to the point of insult (at least in the mind of Holloway) and we've since added a few big pieces. But the really surprising thing to me is not Villa, Liverpool, or Adam related. Instead is has to do with the Blackpool manager.

Ian Holloway has been a manager who irked some, but was generally seen as the lovable pip-squeak. But throughout the Adam saga he's just come off as a petulant child. Here's what he had to say about the Liverpool offer:

They have got new owners and they are going to get back to what they were and Charlie deserves to play for them one day.

But that day, for me, isn't right for this football club at this moment in time. Maybe in the summer because it's a much better time to do business.

Charlie Adam is a grown man, Ian. He can make decisions just as well as you. Throughout the entire ordeal, Holloway has acted as if he has Adam's best interests in mind, when in reality he has those of Blackpool. That is probably as it should be, but it's time for Holloway to stop feeding the public the load of manure he's churned out at almost record levels. Admit that your star is leaving Ian, and take it like a grown-up.