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Darren Bent Officially Signs With Aston Villa

Story is up on the official site.

The full terms have not yet been release but this will be a record signing for Aston Villa. The deal will run for four and a half years. Expect a more thorough analysis of what Darren Bent brings to the table later on, but I don't think I am alone in being incredibly pleased with this. Darren Bent is an excellent player and fills perhaps our greatest position of need. A striker pairing of Bent and Agbonlahor will allow each to do what it is they do best (especially crucial in Agbonlahor's case as he's really looked a shadow of his former self this year so far) and is probably the best in the club's history.

We're still in a nasty little part of the table, but with Makoun and Bent being brought in I don't think I expect that to last much longer. Say what you will about Gerard Houllier-the man has some pretty serious nerve. This season has been pretty much universally awful, but next year could be a whole lot of fun.