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Stop The Presses: Darren Bent Wears An AVFC Kit, Press Conference Delayed

According to the most recent social media explosion, Darren Bent was seen on Aston Villa's in-house channel sporting a claret and blue kit. Of course, we also know that Aston Villa have very good coffee (Henry Winter) and that they're passing out leftover Christmas pies (Timothy Abraham). Perhaps Twitter reporting has gone a bit too far?

Of course, we here at 7500 to Holte are just as guilty, publishing story after story about Darren Bent, Jean Makoun, multiple players rejecting Birmingham much news does the average Villa fan really want? It's essential to keep everyone updated with the latest details in the Darren Bent saga, but it's not certain that everyone needs to know that he's wearing a new kit.

At the same time, social media comes in handy for important messages, such as the fact that the press conference has been delayed. Actual media is not going to publish a story letting Villa fans know that it's going to take a bit more time to hear the news about Bent. And when we're all sitting around wondering what on earth is going on, having 140 characters popping up on twitter seems like a necessity, something we can't imagine doing without.

And speaking of twitter, a rumor making the rounds is this: the press conference is delayed because Aston Villa have yet another player to unveil. Who are they keeping in the dark?