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Darren Bent To Complete £18M Transfer To Aston Villa

Darren Bent is thisclose to completing his transfer from Sunderland to Aston Villa, with all that's left to do is make the announcement official, it appears. The fee to the Black Cats starts at £18M but could end up rising as high as £24M, whereas his weekly wages are believed to be about £80,000. A press conference has allegedly been scheduled for 4 PM at Villa Park (which would be 8 AM for those of us living in the Pacific time zone).

So unless Bent goes up to Gerard Houllier and decides now would be a good time to mention that he despises French wine and the people who make it, it seems like this deal is done. While Bent might be overpriced -- for reference, Edin Dzeko cost £27.5M --Aston Villa have been waiting for a 20 goal striker for years. Putting him up front and still having Gabriel Agbonlahor, Stewart Downing, Ashley Young and Marc Albrighton as part of our attack? Suddenly, £24M is almost a steal.

I wonder if Birmingham City fans will come to regret telling Villans to "get Bent"?