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Chris, Herd You Were Looking For Love? Or Is It Just Wishful Thinking?

While I was off attending to some semblance of a life of Friday, Chris Herd signed a new contract with Aston Villa, penning a new three and a half year contract that will keep him at the club until 2014. I'm quite sure I startled the man bringing me ridiculously expensive shoes to try on as I let out a loud squeal when the news came through. But I couldn't keep the excitement down, as I've come to absolutely adore Herd, and have been waiting for news of his signing since all the other Villa kidlets started putting pen to paper.

Not to take anything away from my love for Barry Bannan, but sexy defending does me in. While Herd's spent his time on the first team in midfield, his interview with AVTV mentioned that he's trying to make right back his primary position (now if only someone on this team could make left back their primary position, that'd be swell). And when you're a defender that can get forward and score a hat-trick in a 10-1 win over Arsenal Reserves? Allow me to swoon for a bit.

Herd becomes the seventh Villa baby to sign since August, following Marc Albrighton, Barry Bannan, Ciaran Clark, Gary Gardner, Jonathan Hogg and Eric Lichaj. It's such a thrill to see these boys deciding to stick around with the club, as we've mentioned again and again. It seems that the more players work together, the more they're able to almost sense where one another will be. And with all of them willing to talk about how much they love one another, it would break my heart to see them split up.

But back to the man of the moment. Admittedly, it's fairly easy to find me falling for a footballer. This time it's different, though, Chris. I'll be faithful. Your accent. Your dimples. Your shaggy locks. You look utterly thrilled simply to be playing (and I only wish I had the rights to publish this photo). I know you've got a lot on your plate right now, what with having to push past the likes of Kyle Walker and even Eric Lichaj to find a start at your newly preferred position. But maybe when times get tough, you could use a hug. Just...putting that out there.

(Oh, and you can thank The Football Ramble's Luke Moore for the title. Or blame. Whichever)