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Makoun to Aston Villa: Almost Done?

Here's a happy bit of news, posted just a few minutes ago via the Eurosport live transfer tracker:

DEAL? Here's your final bit of news for today's transfer ticker! Jean Makoun is currently in the air, flying to the Midlands to complete his £5 million move to Aston Villa!

Eurosport is solid enough that it's unlikely they'd use language like this without being fairly certain. It's not official confirmation and I'd certainly be more encouraged were it being reported elsewhere, but after the rumblings in the French press this morning that the deal had imploded it's a welcome bit of news.

If the report is accurate, I'd expect an announcement in the next day or two and independent confirmation by other sources within the day. It is also possible that Makoun is on his way to Birmingham in order to continue negotiations but again, the language used is fairly assured and even if that were the case it would be positive news.

Good thing too, because man am I tired of talking about whether or not Jean Makoun will be an Aston Villa player.

(H/T: RipCityVillan)