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Jean Makoun to Aston Villa Still On: Mat Kendrick


This isn't really news, per se, but it does throw some water on the spreading rumor that the midfielder had decided to stay in Lyon through the end of the season. This is almost certainly coming from a source with the club, so while it is possible that smoke is being blown it seems unlikely. If Makoun had in fact come out and said that he was staying at Lyon it wouldn't really serve the club to delay the news any further.

I'm still pretty confident that Jean Makoun will be an Aston Villa player within the next few days, and I think there's a reasonable chance that it gets done in the morning. But any time there is this sort of delay it's natural to have some concern. Confident though I am, I will remain on edge until the official site confirms the signing. I have no way of proving it, but I get the feeling that once this move is completed several others will quickly follow suit; Makoun seems very much like the centerpiece of the club's transfer window strategy.

This really needs to hurry up and be completed.