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Aston Villa's Non-Bid for Joe Lewis: The Saga Continues

Kirsten already relayed Mat Kendrick's report this morning, and now the official site has confirmed: Aston Villa have not made a transfer offer for 23 year old Peterborough United goalkeeper Joe Lewis. Speculation that Villa would be interested in Lewis is understandable; Brad Guzan is on loan at Hull City, Brad Friedel is 40 and Andy Marshall is a relative unknown. Lewis has tacitly admitted interest in the club and has handed in a transfer request at Peterborough while numerous sources have reported that Villa are scouting young keepers in general and Lewis in particular.

'Making sense' and 'actually having occurred' are two very different things however, and while we've no real way of knowing what actually happened unless Barry Fry comes forward and admits to there having been a 'misunderstanding' we'll have to take one side or the other's word for it. While we know that no club tells the truth 100% of the time it is worth noting that Fry is absolutely clownshoes insane. So while we can't be sure, I for one and going to err on the side of leaning towards Villa's recounting of things.

To be honest this is a ridiculously entertaining story. Lewis is a highly rated young player that I'd love to see Villa bring in, but at the same time he's a 23 year old keeper that would be third on the depth chart once Brad Guzan returns from Hull City. It's not worth getting up in arms should he get away, and in the meantime we've got Paul Faulkner flatly calling Barry Fry a liar. I know they call it 'Silly Season' but this is a whole different level of ridiculousness.

Perhaps they should duel. Pistols at dawn?