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Aston Villa, Joe Lewis, And The Insults of Barry Fry: Villa Deny Bidding For Peterborough Goalkeeper

According to Mat Kendrick of the Birmingham Mail, Aston Villa have not put in a bid for Peterborough goalkeeper and former England U-21 international. Villa's supposed offer was picked up by the Daily Mail, added to the rumor columns and written about on this site--but I hope you'll forgive me, considering I mostly wanted to use the clip of Ben Foster's utter fail against West Ham yesterday.

But despite the lack of a bid put forth by the Villa, Barry Fry, Peterborough director of football, accused the club of an "insulting" offer, saying they offered less than the Posh spent on Lewis. Peterborough are willing to let Lewis go, as he's asked to be transferred, but they want to see some decent money for him. That's fine. Understandable, really. But just because you've got a soft spot for the club across town doesn't mean you need to be making up lies about the practices of Villa.

Aston Villa are being sensible. They admit to having Lewis on their radar, and are also keeping an eye out for other keepers to train up behind Brad Friedel. But geez, one under-bid for Charlie Adam and suddenly Fry thinks he can get in a few cheap shots and people will believe him. Or perhaps it's just that Fry would rather see Lewis go to his favored club Birmingham City, who must be searching for something new after yesterday. Go watch the clip so I can stop talking about it.