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Thursday Links: Houllier, Houllier, Houllier and...Zayatte

It's the all Gérard Houllier, all the time show around these parts, and I for one could not be happier that the Premier League returns on Saturday (even if the Villa have to wait until Monday to play their match). Let's dive in, shall we?

The Dynasty of Gérard Houllier: Paul Tompkins writes a massive story about Villa's new gaffer. Seeing as I'm stuck with this law school thing, how about y'all read and summarize for me. No, it's a great read, so settle down with a hot beverage and give it some time.

Villa's Fans Wary of Houllier: How Stuart James would purport to know what Villa fans think, I have no idea, since he has nothing but disdain for the club. But yes, many are a little skeptical.

Important People Praise Houllier: AVFC Official apparently was worried about the fan reaction, and so gave us a bunch of quotes about how wonderful Mr. Houllier is. I'd rather wait and see, thanks.

Leicester City Want Kamil Zayatte: Foxes are chasing the Hull City defender and I'm still hoping for them to win the League Cup. Lower-league roundups will return next week, by the way.