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Sports And Supporter Superstitions

After my Sounders lost 3-1 to the quite frankly terrible New England Revolution, I found myself stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle while on a quest for a burrito in which to drown my sorrows. The thing is, this guy had his hand stuck out his window, and attached to his window was a cigarette...and I wanted to rip it right out of his hand.

See, I don't smoke much. Maybe two a day, when I feel like smoking. I can go months without them. But recently, each time that I've thought, "You know, I'm over this, I don't ever want to buy a pack of cigarettes again," the next day my team doesn't just lose--it loses in a completely humiliating fashion. Yes, Villa fans, it is I who is responsible for the Newcastle loss. Please accept my apology.

So now that I know about the evil cigarettes, it's clear I need never swear them off completely again.* Yet this is just one of the many supporter superstitions I carry around. For instance, the night that I didn't wear my SuperFrank (do not judge me) t-shirt to bed before a Chelsea match, the man breaks down in tears and reveals he has a hernia. Clearly my fault. I have a wardrobe that's very claret-heavy so that I can ensure I'm wearing something claret on Villa match days. I don't wear my Gabby jersey anymore, because I'm convinced it brings him bad luck.

It's not just me. Look at the NHL playoffs:fans of hockey grow fur all over their faces while their team is in the race (and I'm still firmly convinced that the Senators dropped out due to one fan's shaving of his playoff beard). I know people who don't wash their jerseys, although it's better than when they don't wash their socks. Some refuse to eat certain foods on game day. Some drink the same beer before their team plays.

What is it for you? Do you have a lucky shirt? A specific route you take to the stadium? An allotted time to turn on the tv (and not one minute before)? Is it your scarf that brings the team luck, or maybe your scuffed shoes?

*Editor's note: There is no need to write emails or leave me comments about how disgusting smoking is. I have not actually smoked since said game--it is just that I cannot declare myself opposed to ever, in my lifetime, no matter how many beers are consumed, picking up a cigarette again.