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Labor Day Links of Love: Rooney, AVFC And Stodgy Ol' England

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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Is anyone else tired of reading incessant Houllier rumors? It's bad enough that we're almost certain to be seeing the guy on the sidelines--I don't want to read five stories featuring a prominent photo of his hawk-like nose.

So let's have Houllier-free zone, at least until tomorrow. There's plenty going on in the world of football that we should care about.

You've heard about Wayne Rooney, right? I may not be the biggest fan of the Daily Mail, but on long weekends it's good to get some gossip in. And this Wayne-and-his-hooker gossip is big--and you'll need to know the background when legit sources start talking about Rooney possibly not playing in the Euro qualification match against Switzerland on Tuesday.

In other manager woes: John Toshack is nearly certain to resign from Wales in the next 48 hours. Want a swap, Wales? Just kidding! Wales have lost six of their nine matches, so I think we'll step back from that.

Villa news!: The Birmingham Mail wrote an adoracute post about Marc Albrighton loving hearing his own chant at Villa Park. Hint: Play well and you'll hear the song more.

Scott Sutter and England: Gary Andrews gives us a brilliant piece on Scott Sutter as a Swiss international, and what it shows about England's football mindset. A must-read.

Finally, Russia: They play Paper Rock Scissors to select their squad. No, I can't read Russian, but stole this from the twitter account of @jamesappell