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Aston Villa Thursday Links Of Insanity

It's official--Aston Villa are crazy. I think I'm ok with that.

Houllier On The Armband: "One can be the technical leader, one can be the energiser, one can be the captain." I think this is his way of saying, "Stiliyan Petrov doesn't do crap for us, but I can't take away the armband just yet.

It's All In The Shoes: James Collins changes his boots and now he's healthy again. May I suggest new pants for Gabby?

Houllier, Heskey and Mind Games: Wow, I don't even know what to say about this one. Heskey's revival is all due to messing with his mind? Perhaps we need a few more matches to figure that out.

Six Matches To Watch This Weekend: When you're not watching Aston Villa, of course. What will you be watching?