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Follow Fridays! Wait, Links. Wrong Website. AVFC Manager Search, Part 23

Of course, all the chatter since yesterday is about a managerial appointment...

Probably the least trusted Guardian writer, Stuart James is at least saying that Gerard Houllier could be Aston Villa's director of football. Most other places seem to have assumed that Villa are hiring him--based upon the fact that he had an interview. Who knows what today's hot rumor will be.

But Luke Young wants Kevin MacDonald. Which isn't really a surprise, since K-Mac played him, and played him over fake right back Carlos Cuellar.

In boring Villa news, the team has re-signed Andy Marshall to play as the third-choice keeper. I can't handle the excitement.

Over at World Soccer Reader, Aaron is brave enough to tell us that the scum had one of the best transfer windows, while Villa had one of the worst. Do you agree?

And finally, a little piece about Ryan Harley, because I'm tired of moaning about the Villa, and it is quite hard for Exeter City to disappoint me