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Aston Villa v Wolves: Fan Reaction


Aston Villa took the lead against Wolves with a 29th minute goal by Stewart Downing. Emile Heskey was the one who ran the ball down the field, but a genius Marc Albrighton cross sent it through the box to Downing, who just needed to tap it in.

But Villa being Villa, they came on in the second half a different team, allowing Wolves to dominate possession. The possession eventually led to a Matt Jarvis equalizer, which did nothing to stop the home side's attack.

Heskey's goal came as a complete shock, as the Villa had barely seen the ball in their own half. Warnock fed the ball in from the left, with Heskey jumping, twisting, turning up to meet it with his head. A beautiful ballerina goal to give Heskey the win.




Time to buy the shirt, for we are 2-0 under Houllier, with two goals from Emile Heskey. What on earth?

Aaron will be back later with a more reasoned match report. Mine is just to say WE WON WE WON WE ACTUALLY CAME BACK AND WON.