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Aston Villa Pre-Match News -- and What Of The Liverpool Kick?

ust a few short hours until Aston Villa v Wolves, and I just realized that I haven't given you any pre-match updates. Please, accept my sincerist apologies.


Let's Get Physical: They'll huff and they'll puff but Ash ain't scared--and Mick doesn't care that his team plays dirty.

Gérard Houllier on Wolves And Athletes: I absolutely, totally and completely adore the random things that come out of Houllier's mouth. "He is not an ordinary fitness coach. He is preparing the players to play football. They are athletes of football, they aren't athletes. What he does is for football."

On The Liverpool Free-Kick Controversy: While the referees of referees say that Stuart Attwell was correct in awarding Dirk Kuyt's goal against Sunderland, plenty of intelligent footy lovers disagree. What do you think?

Ash-O-Meter at Blue: Houllier telling us that Ashley Young is on track to sign a new contract, putting the Ash-O-Meter at a peaceful Pacific blue, at least until we actually create a visual depiction of Ash's mental state.