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Friday Feedback: Who do you want to see in Round 4 of the League Cup?

Assistant Coach Gary McAllister knows who he wants next round, do you? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Assistant Coach Gary McAllister knows who he wants next round, do you? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Well, this week's Friday feedback will valid for only about 20 hours, but in the meantime it'll be pretty interesting. Villa have, I assume most of us think, a legitimate shot at making a deep run in this year's League Cup. But who do you want to see our boys in claret and blue face in the next round? Sure Northampton Town is a League Two side, but they also appear to be on some sort of a mythical tear. And beating Newcastle might be great for the team's spirits, but who wants to face the team that just beat Chelsea?

So join us below for some answers to the question, and more importantly, add your own! We want to know: who do you want to see Villa draw for the next round of the League Cup?

Aaron: I'd honestly prefer to see Manchester United or Arsenal, truthfully. This competition just isn't especially important to them, and while they're still going to be a far tougher challenge than the rest of the remaining field it's not going to be the same as playing one of the big boys in League or the FA Cup. And if you lose, well, you've lost to United or Arsenal; no shame in that, and if it's going to be the case I think I'd rather it happen early in the going than right at the end. I wouldn't mind Newcastle either, it'd be nice to extract some manner of revenge.

I'm with Kirsten on not being all that thrilled at the prospect of a derby matchup; that might be kind of fun in a final at Wembley, but this early in the third most prestigious competition Villa are competing in would be sort of hellish; early round League Cup matches should be fairly low-stress affairs. I'd also prefer to stay away from the minnows as I'd like to see one of them make a deep run and I'd obviously prefer that it did not come in part at Villa's expense.

Gareth: I'm going to hedge my bets and say Northampton Town or Brentford. I don't think teams like that have more than one big upset in them.

Kirsten: Just please not the scum. Derbies are bad enough, but adding a third to the season? I'd like West Ham or West Brom. Something tells me if we get a lower division tie, Villa will manage to screw it up royally.

Robert: I went to the George Washington University for my undergrad degree. While there, I learned to hate, more than almost any other sports team anywhere, St. Joseph's University in Philly. They'd bring their stupid hawk mascot and its ever-flapping wing (no, really) to GW and I always wanted to rush on the court and punch it. It seemed that inevitably, we'd end up playing them in the A-10 basketball tournament every year, even after two regular season meetings in both women's and men's hoops. And you know what? There's no games I ever enjoyed more than St. Joe's games. I was a wreck if we lost, but if we won it was the best sports feeling I regularly got.

So I know I'm going against the flow on this one, but until they're knocked out, I want us to draw the Scum. Sure, it's a match that will give us a heart attack, but when (not it) we beat them it's more bragging rights on the year. What's better than beating those bastards twice? Beating them three times!