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Aston Villa Just Need Time And Chance: Monday Morning Links

Monday, Monday...yeah, Monday is starting to feel quite familiar. A day to read about Villa's inability to get a win. A time to learn about more injuries. A morning to cross our fingers and hope that Gérard Houllier has some sort of magic trick up his sleeve.

Match Report From The Guardian: Isolation up front, Brad Friedel is magical and Bolton don't want to bore.

We Just Need A Little Time: Gérard Houllier and Stephen Ireland both ask for patience from Villa fans, but Ireland wants more: silverware to add to his overstocked home. Oh, and Richard Dunne is hurt, which we should have surmised from his half-time removal, and Stewart Downing has a 'gash' in his leg. I'm intrigued.

And John Carew Wants A Chance: Sent away from Lyon while Houllier was managing, Carew is hoping for a bit of time to prove himself. I guess he didn't think the matches in which he started and failed to make an impact were a sufficient showing of his talent.

Prayer Is The Answer: A few fun thoughts about the Premier League weekend from iTV.

Now if you'll excuse me, CNN believes I haven't heard enough stories on Lady Gaga, and so I must give it my full attention.