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Read A Link, Get A Clue: Thursday Football Round Up

Ronald Koeman Wants To Be Villa Manager: In case you're very, very behind on the news. Also, Scum are fighting with their Scot, if you didn't see that on the front page

Zonal Marking Talks Napoli: An interesting defensive shape for the Partenopei allows them to hold Fiorentina to a draw at home and make me glad Serie A, and Marek Hamsik, are back in action. Who's your Italian side?

Bulgaria Could Be a Tougher Than England Fans Would Like: More tactical talk, this time from Jonathan Wilson. Bulgaria's fairly recent switch to a 4-2-3-1 might cause a bit of trouble for the THree Lions.

Dream A Little Dream: Narrow the Angle asks why English footballers are so stogy when it comes to moving clubs. In your biggest dreams, which player do you want at your EPL club? Your football league club? MLS? Anywhere?