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McAllister to Aston Villa, Ash on Gabs, and More: Friday Links

Gary McAllister May Be Gérard Houllier's #2: It kind of gives you a bit of perspective on how long it's been since Houllier managed Liverpool when you realize he coached the 45-year-old man who may be on his way to Villa Park. McAllister is currently at Middlesbrough but wants to come back to the Premier League. Yeah, don't they all?

Ashley Loves Gabby: Sorry guys, but I just cannot get enough of the absolute adoration that Ashley Young and Gabriel Agbonlahor have for one another. Here's hoping for some snuggles this weekend.

Aston Villa Reserves Stomp All Over Manchester United Reserves: I'd love to watch and report on these matches, guys, but until I figure out a way to sit in the back of every law class, I'll just send you over to Aston Villa Central, as Dan's coverage is unparalleled.

Uruguay To Play Ireland In Friendly: I am currently sporting my I Heart Uruguay Football T-shirt while spinning my Ireland national team keychain around my finger and desperately wondering if there's any way I can go to Dublin in March. I think I could probably die happy there in the Aviva.