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Aston Villa Reserves, Fitness, and The Messiah: Thursday Links

Aston Villa Reserves Play United Reserves: If you're tired of the first team, give some attention to our reserves, who can normally be relied upon to win a thing or two. Nathan Delfouneso and company take on the littles from United, including the crazy-hyped Bebe

Gérard Houllier Considering Robert Duverne: When Houllier officially takes the reins on Monday, he may not have an assistant, but it seems fairly likely he'll have a fitness coach. Duverne was the fitness coach for France in South Africa this summer, and while I couldn't care less that the man yelled at Patrice Evra (who wouldn't?), I certainly hope he didn't devise the shooting/mountain biking/dune buggying fitness campain for Les Bleus.

Maybe We Shouldn't Be So Concerned With A Manager: Jonathan Wilson wrote yet another wonderful article, about England, World Cups, and the Messiah Complex. Yet I can't help thinking that it can be applied to so many more situations, so many more teams.

Don't Be Threatened By The Gridiron, Americans: Free Beer Movement takes a humorous look at why soccer fans in the states shouldn't be too quick to hate on American football. I think they could've found a beter #3, however.