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Aston Villa And The Terrible Tuesday Links

Trying to keep this positive...trying not to remain cranky...trying not to post every story outlining every issue having to do with the Villa of yesterday...

Petrov Says The Dressing Room Is Hurting: According to cappy, spirits are down in the dressing room after yesterday's last-minute defeat to Stoke. Question is, Stiliyan, did you accept any of that responsibility?

Kevin MacDonald Says It Wasn't Pulis: Although Stoke appeared to do a bit of a 180 after Tony arrived at halftime yesterday, KMac says that wasn't the trigger point. No, it appears the frailty of our defending is more to blame.

We Won't Have KMac To Kick Around No More: Gary McAllister likely to be Gérard Houllier's assistant after MacDonald turned down the position. Remember, this guy does not have an extra "A" in his surname: this is the distinguishing characteristic.

Fredy Montero Getting Kickette Love: A girl needs to cheer herself up after disappointing losses, and what better way than to peruse the glory of Kickette? Here we find that Fredy is finally getting some lust thrown his way, and so I thought I'd share as the Seattle Sounders head into their must-win CONCACAF Champions League match against Saprissa tonight.

Speaking of Champions League, we'll make sure there's a thread up for anyone that wants to discuss the kickoff of that tournament.