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Aston Villa Draw Blackburn Rovers in League Cup as History Continues Marching On

Aston Villa have drawn Blackburn Rovers for the third round of the League Cup.

Apparently, someone thinks it's fun for the Villa to repeat 2009/2010. Last year we had to face Rovers five times over the course of the year. Although we couldn't collect three points in league competition, we managed to knock them out of the FA Cup in the third round and roundly beat them 7-4 on aggregate over the semi-finals of the League Cup.

And now, here we are yet again, welcoming Blackburn to Villa Park in about three weeks. Ties are played in the week of September 20th. Villa drew a pretty short stick--although 12 out of 19 Premier League clubs (remember, Blackpool are out) are pitted against one another, other than Sunderland v West Ham United, most matches are fairly lopsided.

Then again...Wigan just defeated Spurs at White Heart Lane, so anything is possible, and we might see some cupsets.

Here's the draw:

Brentford v Everton--Brentford have a pub in every corner of their pitch, so that's fun.
Portsmouth v Leicester City--my nod for the League Cup winners still have a chance. Come on you Foxes!
Stoke City v Fulham--Fulham almost lost to Blackpool today
Chelsea v Newcastle United--I would call this unfair but after last week, would love to see Newcastle trampled upon
Aston Villa v Blackburn Rovers--At least we're at Villa Park
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal--Let me repeat: Spurs just lost to Wigan at White Heart Lane
Millwall v Ipswich Town--Ipswich think a pony can play soccer and call themselves Tractor Boys
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Notts County--I've got nothing clever
Burnley v Bolton Wanderers--I'm just glad to see the signboards of Turf Moor again
Birmingham City v MK Dons--I have never in my life been an MK Dons fan but I will be in three weeks
Liverpool v Northampton Town--Liverpool went out last year in the third round to Leeds. Let's hope history repeats itself in this case
Scunthorpe United v Manchester United--we are all Scunthorpe fans now
West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City--Baggies might detest the Villa but who cares, beat Citeh
Sunderland v West Ham United--as of this writing, these teams combined have one point
Peterborough United v Swansea City--go crazy.
Wigan Athletic v Preston North End--Can Wigan advance?