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Aston Villa v Rapid Vienna: Reaction

Being a fan means that there is no rational way to discuss what happened in this match so shortly after the game's ending (or, in this case, before the game has even concluded).

Villa are out.

For the second year in a row.

To the same opposition.

The choices made here were questionable, to say the least. I will be back later, after calming down, to reflect more on what happened and how it could all have gone so wrong. But for now, if you want an outlet, or you want to put up some thoughts yourself, feel free to use the comments.

It's hard to be a Villa fan on days that we lose. It's even harder on days that we lose spectacularly. But sometimes, for me anyway, the hardest part is being a lone Villa fan in a sea of faces that don't get it. So that's what this place is for--a little room for people that get it.