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Wednesday's Quick Update, Including League Cup, Champions League and Aston Villa

Apologies for being a bit light on the posting and late on the news, readers. Law school began this week and, turns out, they don't like you to be surfing the internet or watching twitter while in lectures. Who would've thought?

But the footy world does not stop just because I cannot pay attention. Yesterday there were a couple of Champions League games and a whole lotta League Cup games. Today Accrington faces Newcastle, Everton faces Huddersfield and Fulham takes on Port Vale in the cup--seems like they'd all be comfortable wins for the Premier League, but who knows, maybe we'll have a cupset. Yesterday Wigan beat Hartlepool for their first win of the season, leading to this cheeky post on the Chelsea blog. I'll post a quick Cup review later today.

As for Champions League, Sevilla bowed out to the Portuguese side Braga, who are through to the group stages for the first time. Werder Bremen are also through, beating Sampadoria, although to be fair they really tried their damndest to lose. Trailing 3-0, Bremen managed to level the aggregate scoreline in added time and sending the match into extra time. Claudio Pizarro scored a second for the Germans, making it 5-4 on aggregate. Young Boys come to London today to face Spurs, setting up quite a few jokes. If you want to make your own Young Boys joke, join the discussion in the open thread.

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In Villa news, James Milner is going around telling everyone who might listen that Martin O'Neill did not quit because of him. Oi, James, you probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you? But he did say some nice things about Aston Villa and Randy Lerner, which does speak to his integrity, at least.

Continuing with Sky Sports coverage, they did a much better job reporting on Kevin MacDonald still being in the running to sign on as permanent Villa manager. The Guardian, formerly so good at not reporting fake news, tried to tell us yesterday that The General believed Bob Bradley to be set to take the job. Again--Bradley confirming his interest is not the same as Villa being interested in Bradley. Bradley can blabble all he wants.

Speaking of Bradley, Richard Whittall wrote an article which might piss off some Americans, but that I found to be a great summation of why I don't want the USMNT coach anywhere near my England side. Aaron should be giving us his own opinions later on the idea of Bob Bradley at Villa.