Weekly Football Open Thread: Aug 23-29--Champions League and League Cup Action!

I hope I'm not stepping on any toes with this, but I thought with Champions League play continuing people might enjoy a thread for that sort of discussion.

Showing now: Salzburg at Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv lead 3-2 on aggregate), Basel at Sherrif (Basel leads 1-0 on agg.), Partizan at Anderlecht (it's 2-2 on agg. Partizan scored. It's 3-2 them), and Braga at Sevilla (Braga lead 1-0 on agg.).

Tomorrow: Tottenham tries to beat young boys. Wait... tries to be Young Boys. There we go.

I think in this slate, I'd like to see Sevilla go ahead (though I don't know why), and the rest of the teams I don't know at all. But jump in below!

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