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Friday Links Of Joy: Carlitos, Projectiles, Sylvie and More.

It's Friday. Aston Villa don't have a game until Sunday. It's a gorgeous day out, I woke up late, I went out for a beer last night. I've got a plethora of reasons for being lazy and throwing up links, but in the end, I wouldn't put up links if I didn't think you should read them. So give your clicking finger a workout.


UEFA 'might' investigate projectiles thrown at Brad Guzan: Once they read the referee report, that is. And have a few drinks to mull it over. And then, if they can be bothered...but really, it's quite impressive that Brad 2.0 managed to make some of those saves under that harassment. Guess we know now why he stayed awake.

Carlos Cuellar hopes he'll be set for Sunday: If you've never seen the real Carlos' blog, you must check it out. The man is absolutely adorable. More interesting than his hope for recovery (because what footballer wishes to sit on the bench) is Cuellar's talk about Kevin MacDonald and his hopes that MacD will stay.

Richard Dunne makes Ireland squad: No surprises here. Villa's Dunne makes the squad list for the Republic's Euro 2012 qualifiers, which include a match on September 3 against Armenia and one on September 7 against Andorra. 

The Van der Vaarts in England?: Hey, if I'm going to use Kickette stories, I might as well drop one in here for the lads as well. Sylvie VdV is utterly gorgeous, which might be why one doesn't see many articles about Rafa VdV sleeping with prostitutes.

Anti-Power Rankings: The last on the links of joy comes from new SBN blogger Ginge, who writes about the Dynamo when he's not compiling lists of things that make him oh-so-slightly upset.