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Carling Cup: 62 Teams Take The Pitch (Open Thread)

Ready to take a step back from the insanity surrounding Martin O'Neill quitting Aston Villa? You've got 31 League Cup matches to choose from as well as the England U-21 game against Uzbekistan, featuring Villa's Marc Albrighton. In the States, the U-21 match will be shown live on FSC (19:30 GMT, 11:30AM PT) and the Chesterfield-Middlesborough League Cup match will be at the same time on Fox Soccer Plus. For everything else, it'll be theft if you can find it, or live text.

I'll be concentrating on keeping an eye on both Marc Albrighton and Exeter City, but I'll try to keep everyone in the loop on what's going on with major events in the other games. Feel free to chatter here if you'd like.

In yesterday's match, Portsmouth beat Stevenage 2-1. Well done, Pompey, on barely beating a League Two side. Stevenage are the first team to go out in this year's Carling Cup.

Finally, if you need a brush up on the way the League Cup works, I've got you covered.