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Open World Cup Thread, Semifinal #1: Uruguay - Netherlands

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11:30 AM PDT/2:30 PM EST/19:30 GMT. Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

I find it absolutely miraculous that in a World Cup that was comprised in part of Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico and Portugal that the semi-finals contain four teams that I would be quite happy to see win the World Cup. I certainly have my favorites, but each of these four teams have multiple things about them that compel me to like them. Considering 2006's semifinalists (and I will note that the 2006 German team was considerably less endearing than the current iteration,) it's an especially welcome development.

If Uruguay had Suarez today, I think I might consider them favorites. They do not, but that is of course the main reason they are here to begin with. Diego Forlan is a force in hos own right, and while I think the Dutch should be favored it should be a much closer match than I think many are predicting. And remember folks, I was literally the only person in the world to predict Argentina might have trouble defensively against Germany and to point out that leaving Esteban Cambiasso off of the squad might come back to haunt them. So clearly I am some sort of guru.