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Friday Links of Fun and Joy: EPL Links With a Villa Bias

The lesser-mocked of the England goalkeepers, David James, has agreed to join the Championship club Bristol City.

Anyone that had been hoping to see Irishman Aiden McGeady at Villa Park should probably put aside those hopes--Celtic have confirmed that Spartak Moscow have bid £8.3m for the winger's services. The Villa have wingers. We don't need to drop that kind of change for another, particularly one not as good as those we already have.

Speaking of dropping change, Man City are apparently reluctant to spend £30m for Milner. Judging from the constant photos from the OS, James doesn't seem to be hurting in Portugal. 

See, here are some pretty photos from Algarve! Thoughts: Richard Dunne needs to always be sleeveless, Steve Sidwell doesn't need to be caught on film, Marc Albrighton really shouldn't stand with the grownups, the camera loves Curtis Davies and Brad Guzan has no idea what a football is.

Although Dan from Aston Villa Central disagrees about Guzan.

Finally, an interesting post on Mark Hughes being a perfect fit for Fulham.


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