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More on Luke Young, Including a Slight Rant on The Guardian

It all started with a lovely article by Mr. Stuart James, who sure seems to enjoy publishing stories that are misleading. First we had him talking about how Ashley Young might go to Spurs, then we had him rushing to the defense of James Milner, and then yesterday he told us that Luke Young was off to Liverpool.

I admit, I should have done my job better yesterday. I should have found another source. But c'mon, The Guardian is not the Daily Mail. When a story comes across that tells me Luke Young is going to Liverpool, I'm going to accept it, particularly when I'm about to run out the door. The Guardian employs people to make sure their stories are factually correct. I employ myself. While I no longer have the knowledge to pull cached stories on the internet, I am almost positive that the story (which contains the same timestamp) has changed since it was originally published. Somewhere along the line, it was made clear that the player was in negotiations for a contract.

Anyway. Since I published the story on Luke Young's eminent move to Liverpool, it's become public knowledge that no, he's not on his way to Merseyside--not yet, anyway. Sky Sports, BBC, and the Birmingham Post have all confirmed the £2.5 million transfer fee that Liverpool has offered. Luke Young is now considering that offer, and trying to negotiate personal terms. According to the Birmingham Post:

O'Neill said: "There has been an offer from a football club which Luke is mulling over and, if it doesn't materialise, then he would join us in Portugal (for the Guadiana Cup)."

The Birmingham Mail tells us that L Young is afraid that he'll be stuck on the bench with the Reds, seeing as they have Glen Johnson and Jamie Caragher. But then again, they mispelled Carragher...but I will still go ahead and tell you that they are reporting that Luke Young is on the plane to Portugal. Does this mean he's rejected the Liverpool offer? All this report tells us is that Martin O'Neill is bringing him to Portugal to boost his pre-season fitness.

Is there anything about this offseason that won't drag on?