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World Cup Final: Netherlands v Spain, A Pint To Pint Matchup

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Tasty, tasty footballers.
Tasty, tasty footballers.

Every Friday, I can be found writing Going Suds Up for the Free Beer Movement website, a column in which I recommend beers to complement the important soccer matches of the week. I had a bit too much fun choosing the beers I thought would best represent Spain and Holland (actually stealing Aaron's idea for Holland) and so decided to give you a Netherlands v Spain preview in which the pints will go head to head. Any other website will tell you that neither of these teams have won the World Cup, that Holland used to be known for its beautiful style but now Spain out-Hollands Holland, that the seventies were the heyday for the Dutch but the Spanish era is just now coming into fruition. But where else will you find players represented by beer? Grab a bottle opener, and read on after the jump.