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SBN Regional--Have You Seen It?

SB Nation has expanded--and it's now bringing you a way to follow your favorite sports based on region. Since most sports fans find their teams based upon where they live, it makes sense to put out a page that condenses information from all local teams into one space. 

The New York Times did a piece on SBN and its approach to sports writing. Check it out here. And to see an example of a regional site, here's New York's. You can find links to the regional sites that have already gone public on the SBN home page.

Of course, 7500 to Holte is in a bit of a different position. We've got readers coming in not just from all over the US, but from all over the world. Many Aston Villa fans won't affiliate with a regional page. But never fear! Some of the soccer writers have visions of an EPL page, connecting all of the sites and putting broad news into that area.

Until then, I'll be bringing you news of the Seattle regional site, which will be released at the end of June. I hope to use my influence there to bring more people to Aston Villa...creating a Pacific Northwest filled with claret and blue on Saturdays (before they change to rave green and timber green and start fighting each other). If you are, by some chance, in the Seattle area, come to the Seattle Regional Release Party. See you there:

                                     Wednesday, June 30th, 5-8 PM

                                     Rock Bottom Brewery

                                      1333 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

     §  Happy Hour Specials for all RSVP’s

     §  $5 apps

     §  $3.50 beers, wine, liquor. 

·         Contact: Derek –

·         206-623-3070