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The Villa Virus Spreads

Being a football fan is almost like having some sort of incurable disease. And when you recruit someone else into fandom, it's sorta like you're giving them a virus...a sickness that often leaves no visible marks, but then manifests itself in odd ways. Villa fandom shows itself through the wearing of claret and blue, the hating of city, the nostalgia of 1982.

Now the club is trying to spread the joy of being a Villan through their creation of viral videos. They did a great job with this one, which many of us watched last week:

I watched the Carew video move through Twitter, with many fans taking it as the club must've hoped--as a genuine interview with John that just happens to have him fixing a blinking light at Villa Park.

Now we have one from James Milner, Impressively done.

And finally, Carlos Cuellar:


What do you think? Have you seen these? Heard about them from others who aren't Villa fans? Are they spreading?


(h/t to EPL Talk, who got these vids from 101 Great Goals)